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What is JuicyBet?

JuicyBet is an innovative GambleFi Ecosystem Decentralized Project. Our platform stands at the confluence of gambling and web3 technologies, integrating the advantages of both sectors. JuicyBet is powered entirely by smart contracts, thus removing human interference from game outcomes and financial transactions. Your funds remain securely in your wallet.

JuicyBet is not a bookmaker!

How is this possible? The JuicyBet is powered by Azuro - a novel protocol for decentralized betting.

Why Juicybet?

No deposits

Contrary to traditional bookmakers that require you to deposit funds to place bets, JuicyBet operates on a no deposit and no withdrawal basis. Bets are secured by blockchain smart contracts that define the outcomes beforehand. Once the game/event finishes, the contract allows you to redeem your winnings.


JuicyBet lacks a KYC (Know Your Customer) system, which often poses barriers in many traditional web2 gambling platforms. Your winnings are directly transferred to your wallet, safeguarded by the integrity of our smart contract framework, thus protecting both the players and JuicyBet.

No Verification

JuicyBet adheres to the primary principle of web3: anonymity. We do not solicit personal documentation or require account verification. Participants only need some cryptocurrency and a web3-compatible wallet like MetaMask.

What JuicyBet offers?

✔️ Sports and Esports Betting

At JuicyBet, you will find a huge selection of events in various sports. The hottest matches and tournaments with some of the best odds on the market!

✔️ Casino Offerings

JuicyBet features an extensive range of gaming options, including Crash Games, Slots, Live Casino, and Roulette and more. The platform continuously expands its selection, currently boasting over 50 games!

✔️ Telegram App

JuicyBet includes an innovative Telegram app with a comprehensive user interface. This allows for zero-fee betting and casino gameplay directly within the app, utilizing only UDST for transactions. The platform is designed for security, reliability, and user convenience.

✔️ Token Farming

Every wager or casino game played on JuicyBet earns players internal currencies, which can subsequently be exchanged for real tokens. This provides a continuous opportunity for token farming.

✔️ Promotions and Bonuses

JuicyBet regularly hosts significant promotions and generous giveaways, including freebets and USDT, across both its website and social media channels. From extensive promotional events to welcome offers for new users, JuicyBet consistently enhances the gaming experience!

What blockchain is JuicyBet on?

JuicyBet is actively developing as a front-end for the Azuro Protocol, which is a decentralized betting protocol aiming to evolve into a cross-chain ecosystem. The protocol has taken significant strides towards this goal by incorporating support for several blockchains, including Polygon (USDT), Gnosis Chain (xDAI), and Arbitrum One (USDT).

The JuicyBet platform currently operates on the Polygon Mainnet, giving users the choice to transact on this or other supported blockchains. The Polygon Mainnet provides a streamlined process for users to start betting by enabling direct deposits and withdrawals of USDT from exchanges to their Polygon wallets, facilitating immediate betting activities using USDT on the network. Further blockchain integrations are anticipated soon.

What is Web3 in general?

Web3 is another name for the decentralized internet, crypto, and open blockchains. Some of the core principles of web3 are:

  • Private: there is no need for your name, data, or ID

  • Usable: accessible and user-friendly

  • Direct: no permission is needed to participate

  • Subversive: it transforms established orders and structures of power

  • Social: it empowers people and makes a difference in somebody's life

  • Independent: it does not rely on governments or corporates

  • Impactful: it intends to make a difference

  • Secure: it does not put anyone at risk

Getting Started

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