Spring Festival: Betting

As spring approaches, JuicyBet is gearing up for the juiciest time of the year with an incredible giveaway! We're thrilled to announce a massive jackpot prize of 100,001 Juicy Drops and $1000 FreeBets up for grabs!

Here's how you can win big: Make bets.

Make MORE bets.

Make MORE betting Volume and get ready to become a RICH person!

Participation rules:

  1. Select your favorite sport

  2. Place $10+ bets

  3. Achieve a betting volume of $200 or more by March 7th.

  4. Verify yourself on our Discord and join the exclusive Spring Coming Party Group!

Rewards: Juicy Drops + 10 lucky guys will get $100 freebet each!

End Date: March 7th

Intermediate Results: February 26th

Important: More betting volume means a higher percentage of bank Juicy Drops. Keep an eye on your bet size, as only bets over $10 will be considered for the contest.

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