💰Epic Farming Action: Hero Pre-Token Season

Unlimited Juicy Drops Farm!

Following the successful conclusion of JuicyBet 8 seasons, which saw the distribution of 8% of tokens as meticulously planned, we are excited to introduce the HERO Pre-Token Season. This new season is dedicated to farming, featuring the addition of 5 million tokens to reward our committed participants.

We also highlight the X3 FARMING opportunity in partnership with Azuro. This presents substantial farming prospects exclusively through JuicyBet, whereby every bet placed accrues Azuro Score + Juicy Drops + Bonus Juicy Drops.

Participation in our platform offers substantial rewards. Actions such as linking your wallet, placing your initial bet or spin, making a deposit in the casino, or activating our Telegram bot, will yield a considerable quantity of JuicyDrops. Importantly, each bet executed will secure you 1000 JuicyDrops.

Reward Details:

Additional Betting Volume Rewards:

  • $1000 in bets: +2000 JuicyDrops

  • $10,000 in bets: +8888 JuicyDrops

  • $100,000 in bets: +88888 JuicyDrops

We invite you to participate in the HERO Pre-Token Season to enhance your farming endeavors with JuicyDrops. This is a unique opportunity to amplify your rewards and integrate into our GambleFi community!

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