A "FreeBet" is a promotional offer by JuicyBet that enables you to bet on any sports event without risking your own money. If you win the bet, you receive the winnings minus the FreeBet amount.

Generally, FreeBets are issued in an equivalent amount of UDST on a one-to-one basis.

Example: Receiving a $10 FreeBet allows you to place a wager of 10 USDT.

Important: In the event of a win, you receive the total amount of money minus the FreeBet amount. For instance, if you utilized a $10 FreeBet on a match and won $25, the sum of $15 would be credited to your wallet.

How to use a FreeBet?

If you receive a FreeBet, you will get a pop-up notification the first time you visit the JuicyBet site. This notification appears only once.

To use your FreeBet, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the desired sports event and outcome.

  2. The betting slip will be displayed, indicating the FreeBet.

  3. Select the preferred outcome and opt to apply the FreeBet.

  4. Confirm your selection by clicking "Place Bet" and verify the transaction on-chain.

Important: If you want to see which active FreeBets you have and view your FreeBet history, use the special utility provided.

Each FreeBet comes with specific restrictions:

  1. Validity: FreeBets typically remain valid for a period ranging from 3 to 7 days after issuance. The exact expiration date will be indicated in the pop-up received.

  2. Minimum odds: FreeBets must be used at specified minimum odds, typically either 1.8 or 1.0, as detailed in the pop-up.

How to get a FreeBet?

FreeBets are primarily awarded for participation in various promotional activities on the JuicyBet website and across social media platforms including Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

For example:

  • Weekly FreeBets Weekend Drop on Twitter

  • A Welcome FreeBet

  • FreeBets awarded for notable engagement

  • And much more!

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